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Welcome to TCS


Dear parents and students,


Welcome to get to know TCS Experimental Education. TCS is an educational institution that combines the best educational concepts from Taiwan and the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC). As the principal of the middle school division, my important role is to "believe" and "respect," accompanying teachers and students through this crucial period of adolescence.


At TCS Experimental Education, we firmly believe in the power of education to make a difference. Our goal is to create a self-directed learning environment that fosters curiosity, proactivity, and a love for learning. We aim to cultivate students' critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning abilities for their comprehensive self-development.


The core educational philosophy of TCS is derived from the German "Jena" education, which centers on student-centered learning, diverse and innovative teaching methods, and emphasizes students' overall growth (Whole Person) while connecting with the community. It focuses on discovering each student's uniqueness and nurturing their sense of belonging within-group cooperation.


In addition to German Jena education's core principles, TCS collaborates with National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) for industry-academic cooperation. NTNU's team of professors, with expertise in both Eastern and Western education, supervises and oversees our experimental curriculum, syllabus, and learning processes, bringing rich knowledge and innovative teaching methods to the TCS teaching team.


We firmly believe that education is a partnership between parents, students, and the school community. Throughout the children's growth process, we encourage parents to actively participate through parent-teacher meetings, school activities, volunteering opportunities, and school cooperation. Parents are an indispensable part of our high-quality experimental education.


Finally, we warmly welcome everyone to our campus located at NTNU in Linkou. We eagerly look forward to your enthusiastic participation in the innovation and transformation of experimental education with us.





Shih-Fen Yeh

Principal of TCS Middle School Division

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