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Program Features

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Course content: The teaching material "Basics and Practice of Mindfulness Guidance" was compiled by the team of Professor Chen Xuezhi from National Taiwan Normal University.

In TCS, teachers and students come to the school early in the morning, and before they are ready to go to class, they conduct whole-school mindfulness exercises with teachers. From breathing, exhaling, and meditation, a positive atmosphere of tranquility and peace naturally arises.

Mindfulness education has been scientifically proven to effectively improve students' concentration, reduce learning stress and anxiety, reduce interpersonal conflicts and behavioral problems, and also settle teachers' body and mind, reduce teaching burnout, and improve the effectiveness of their work.

Since TCS learned mindfulness education, teachers and students have not only improved emotional intelligence, learned to pay attention to the present, and then achieved self-observation, self-adjustment and reflection, and understood their own needs and goals, greatly improving the mental health of teachers and students.

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