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TCS Middle School (G7~G9)

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Our Experimental Education middle school program provides a unique curriculum that emphasizes local language and culture, builds core subject knowledge through streamlined content, and is delivered using innovative teaching methods by the best international and bilingual teaching faculty.


National Taiwan Normal University professors collaborate with industry and academia to promote a new international experimental curriculum, including "junior high basic academic areas", "diverse experimental courses", and "zero hour physical education" and "mindfulness courses". We value innovation and exploration, and hope to improve students' basic academic abilities and develop their diverse thinking through innovative teaching methods. The professors at National Taiwan Normal University are important drivers of the planning of our experimental education curriculum.

Middle School Academic Areas: Chinese, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Arts, Technology

In our middle school academic areas, we aim to innovate through teaching methods, streamlining and re-organizing existing textbook materials from publishers, reducing excessive homework and practice exercises, and emphasizing hands-on learning and interactive presentation through theme-based and exploratory learning. We also promote cross-disciplinary thinking and problem-solving skills through context integration and issue reflection.

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