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TCS Experimental Education was founded by a group of parents who have studied and lived in the US and Canada. They established this institution based on two common beliefs: 

  1. Allow Taiwanese students to stay in Taiwan surrounded by the love and warmth of their family during their youth, and

  2. Enjoy extraordinary international education that equips them with the courage, skills, and vision needed to embark on various endeavors around the world.


High School Program is run in cooperation with the Canadian Ministry of Education of British Columbia, which was ranked first in the "U.S. News Global Education Quality National Rankings" in 2020. The program provides an excellent bilingual environment, and students will receive dual diplomas from the New Taipei City Education Bureau and the Canadian BC Ministry of Education.


Middle School Program is jointly developed with National Taiwan Normal University based on the Jena Educational Philosophy. Monday-to-Thursday are academic courses taught in PBL. Friday courses are experiential and "explorational" school-wide integrated exercises which aim to stimulate students' curiosity and interest in learning.

Mission& Vision

Vision & Mission 


At TCS, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive, fair, and diverse educational community, with a focus on students’ personal and social development.


Our middle & high school program develops individuals who are multilingual, responsible, and competitive global citizens imbued with caring hearts and a joy for learning. They understand the importance of a balanced life, have a strong sense of personal and national identity, and exhibit a sincere devotion to be agents of positive change for their communities, and for the world.

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