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Connected Classroom

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ViewSonic - myViewBoard

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Interactive Lessons from Anywhere

A Full Education Toolkit

The myViewBoard Suite has all the necessary tools for educators to prepare and present their lessons, and encourage seamless student participation, -face-to-face, online, or simultaneously– reducing teacher workload with streamlined planning.

The myViewBoard software suite is a comprehensive and interactive collaborative solution. It overcame the problems teachers faced with their previous software by delivering a comprehensive set of apps designed to facilitate teaching in remote, blended, and in-class

configurations. This enabled them to maintain high-quality and engaging lessons.

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 IPEVO- DO-CAM Creator's Edition

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Enhancing Learning through Interactive Technology

Fostering Engaging Learning Environments

The device fosters active participation and collaboration, fostering a strong sense of community among peers. Embracing the DO-CAM Creator's Edition propels TCS towards a more immersive and interactive educational experience, equipping students for success in the digital age

With high-resolution visuals, students engage more deeply with complex concepts. Its versatility promotes inclusivity, catering to diverse learning styles and ensuring equal access to educational resources.

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