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【TCS Experiential Learning Friday: Understanding Chinese Culture - National Palace Museum Visit】

TCS Experiential Learning Friday (#ELF) was conducted under the guidance of Professor Zhong Zongxian's team from NTNU. During the course, the students traversed five thousand years of Chinese cultural history, admired the beauty of ancient artefacts, and learned the stories behind the "Three Treasures of the National Palace Museum," such as the Jadeite Cabbage, the Meat-shaped Stone, and the Mao Gong Ding. The students also visited the "Zhishan Garden," a replica of a Song-Ming dynasty garden, and enjoyed the beauty of the landscapes depicted by ancient literati.

The most interesting part was when the students unexpectedly encountered a group of French Canadian students at the museum. They had a lively discussion about their different cultures, which turned into an impromptu "cultural exchange and growth" experience!


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