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The British Columbia (B.C.) Ministry of Education and Child Care offers a globally recognized, innovative curriculum to students worldwide through the B.C. Offshore School Program. Graduating from one of the many B.C. offshore schools around the world, a student can obtain the B.C. Graduation Certificate – Dogwood Diploma, without leaving their country. Many students and families choose a B.C. offshore school because they would like to study in B.C. or Canada after secondary school, possibly even to work and live in Canada in the future.

TCS High School (G10~G12)

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Concept-Based and Competency-Driven Learning

 Our curriculum brings together two features that most educators agree are essential for 21st-century learning: a concept-based approach to learning and a focus on the development of competencies, to foster deeper, more transferable learning. These approaches complement each other because of their common focus on active engagement of students. Deeper learning is better achieved through “doing” than through passive listening or reading. Similarly, both concept-based learning and the development of competencies engage students in authentic tasks that connect learning to the real world.

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