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TCS Experimental School Starts New Semester with Excitement

The new semester has commenced at TCS Experimental School, and both students and teachers are thrilled to be back on their newly approved campus in Linkou. After a long wait, the Taiwanese K-12 Education Administration has granted the necessary approval. The campus is well-equipped with essential facilities, including red lockers, comfortable couches, basketball courts, a soccer field, a cafeteria with vending machines, and a modern kitchen.

Jasmine Chan, a 10th-grade student, expressed her excitement about the opportunities available on the Linkou campus. "I can't wait to explore the activities and curriculum offered here." Angelina Hsieh, a new high-school student, also shared her positive experience, saying, "I've only been here for three weeks, but I already love it. The students are friendly, and the campus is amazing. I appreciate the freedom of learning compared to my previous, more conservative school."

While the increasing number of students may mean more work for the teachers, they are enthusiastic about embarking on this new adventure with their students on the new campus. Science teacher Mr. Alex Hutten-Czapski expressed his excitement, stating, "I'm thrilled to start this journey and gradually transform the science room into an incredible space for science, robotics, manufacturing, and more."

Mr. Hutten-Czapski shows of some new equipment to students in his long-awaited science room.
Mr. Hutten-Czapski shows of some new equipment to students in his long-awaited science room.

Obtaining official approval from the Taiwanese K-12 Education Administration was a challenging journey for the school. The staff had been eagerly awaiting approval since last year, and establishing the first Canadian school in Taiwan proved to be a complex process. "It was a lengthy process, but we are relieved to have successfully completed it," shared school counselor Freyja Lee.


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