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TCS Celebrates Grand Opening: A Momentous Milestone

After a patient wait, TCS Experimental Education finally received its Taiwanese operating license and held a grand opening ceremony on March 24th, 2023, at the Linkou Campus. The event marked the celebration of this exciting milestone.

The grand opening ceremony was attended by numerous distinguished guests, including New Taipei City Mayor Yu-ih Hou, representatives from the New Taipei City Education Bureau and the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, TCS board members, principals from partner institutions, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan founder Mr. Leo Seewald, and TCS students.

The event was a resounding success, featuring ribbon-cutting, logo unveiling, screenings of previously filmed TCS promotion videos, speeches, and memorable photo opportunities. Both the TCS community and the invited guests thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.

To kick off the ceremony, the emcee introduced the guests and participants, who received warm applause as they acknowledged the audience through bows and waves.

Principal Grant Sundal took the stage to deliver the opening speech. He shared TCS's vision, emphasizing the integration of Taiwanese and Canadian education systems. Principal Sundal expressed gratitude to the dedicated staff members who worked tirelessly to secure the Taiwanese license for TCS. He highlighted the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a deep understanding of their role in the world.

"At TCS Experimental Education, we believe that education goes beyond academic achievements. We are dedicated to helping our students develop into well-rounded individuals who understand their place in the world," Principal Sundal declared.

Vice Principal Shih-Fen Yeh followed with her speech, offering insights into the future possibilities and potential of TCS.

Canadian government representative Jim Nickel and NTNU Principal also delivered speeches, congratulating TCS on its milestone achievement.

After the speeches, the students' promotional video, showcasing the concept and philosophy of TCS, was screened. The video portrayed students engaging not only in traditional academics but also in project-based learning and various extracurricular activities. It highlighted the diverse clubs, academic pursuits, and enjoyable activities available at TCS, such as board games, football games, meditation, yoga, lab experiments, cheerleading, and dance.

As the TCS concept video concluded, Mayor Hou Yu-ih arrived at the event. Guests and representatives stood to greet him, and he shook hands with each before taking the stage to deliver his speech.

The mayor expressed his support for the program and his desire to see TCS flourish and grow. He shared his hope that TCS would transition from experimental education to a full-fledged school.

Following the speech, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, with Mayor Hou Yu-ih, CTOC Representative Jim Nickel, TCS principals and vice principals, NTNU principal, THU principal, Mr. Leo Seewald, and the New Taipei City Education Bureau each cutting a ribbon.

After the ribbon cutting, Mayor Hou Yu-ih interacted with TCS students, offering words of praise and commendation. Students had the opportunity to take photos with the mayor, principals, and board members, capturing the significance of the occasion.

The memorable ceremony culminated with the unveiling of the TCS logo, marking a remarkable and prosperous event.

"It was a nerve-wracking experience! The atmosphere was different from our usual routine, formal and official. But listening to the speeches from the principals filled me with pride and honor. The opening ceremony signified the official start of our school, and witnessing it alongside such esteemed guests was truly inspiring. It felt like a historic moment for the school!" exclaimed Angelina Hsieh, a 10th-grade student who attended the event.


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