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Unforgettable Adventures: TCS Students Embrace Nature in Yilan

The TCS Experimental Education High School students' three-day camping trip to Yilan, Taiwan was an incredible adventure that combined natural beauty, thrilling activities, and unforgettable moments. From camping under the stars and bonding around the bonfire to engaging in river tubing, spearfishing, and extreme river tracing, the students embraced the challenges and created lifelong memories.

This experiential education journey not only offered a break from the routine but also imparted valuable life lessons, fostering teamwork, resilience, and appreciation for nature. Undoubtedly, this camping trip will be cherished by the students as a remarkable chapter in their high school years.


For the students of TCS Experimental Education High School, a three-day camping trip to Yilan, Taiwan proved to be an unforgettable experience. Amidst the serene natural beauty of Yilan, the students immersed themselves in a range of exciting activities, fostering teamwork, and creating lasting memories. From starry nights to thrilling adventures, the trip was filled with moments of laughter, exploration, and learning.

Camping Under the Stars:

Setting up camp under the vast starry sky was an awe-inspiring experience for the students. Far away from city lights, they were able to truly appreciate the beauty and tranquility of nature. The evenings were marked by a communal bonfire, where students gathered around, sharing stories, laughter, and warm camaraderie. As the fire crackled, marshmallows and sausages were roasted to perfection, providing a delicious treat for everyone.

Shrimp Fishing and Ghost Stories:

During the nights, the students ventured out for a unique activity – shrimp fishing. Armed with nets and flashlights, they explored the nearby rivers and streams, trying their luck at catching shrimp. As they waded through the water, the excitement of the hunt filled the air. The night also provided the perfect backdrop for spooky tales as students huddled together, telling ghost stories that sent shivers down their spines.

Daytime Adventures:

As the sun rose, the students eagerly embraced a range of thrilling daytime activities. River tubing presented a fun-filled opportunity to navigate the gentle currents, drifting along the picturesque river. Laughter echoed through the air as students enjoyed the refreshing water and the camaraderie of their peers.

Spearfishing offered an exciting chance for the students to test their skills and agility. With snorkeling gear in place, they dived into the crystal-clear waters, aiming to catch fish with the traditional method of using a spear. It was not only a thrilling adventure but also an opportunity to learn about marine ecosystems and sustainable fishing practices.

The highlight of the trip was an extreme river tracing expedition through a breathtaking canyon. Equipped with safety gear and guided by experienced instructors, the students navigated their way through challenging terrains, overcoming obstacles like cascading waterfalls and narrow gorges. This exhilarating experience pushed their limits, fostering resilience and teamwork as they cheered each other on.

Typical Barbecue:

No camping trip is complete without a traditional barbecue, and the students enjoyed a delightful feast. Grilling mouthwatering meats, vegetables, and local delicacies, the aroma filled the air, igniting everyone's appetite. The barbecue not only satisfied their taste buds but also provided an opportunity to appreciate the local culinary culture.


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