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TCS Students Embark on Exciting Bali SUP Field Trip

TCS principal, Grant Sundal, organized a memorable field trip to Bali, New Taipei City, on September 30, 2022, for students to experience stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) as a fun and challenging team-building activity. It aimed to provide them with an example of event organization for the future.

Teachers and students gathered at Tamsui MRT Station before heading to the boat landing for the journey to Bali. Upon arrival, they made their way to Breeze SUP for preparations. Coaches provided instructions on SUP techniques and direction changes, allowing the students to practice before embarking on their adventure along the riverside.

TCS staff and students receive instructions from Breeze SUP coaches

Despite initial difficulties and falls into the water, the students gradually gained familiarity and managed to stand up and paddle. Along the way, they engaged in team-building exercises at a designated spot on the river.

Reflecting on the experience, Richard Huang, a grade 10 student, shared, "I expected SUP to be challenging, but it turned out to be exhilarating."

One highlight of the trip was a fun activity where students and teachers sat on their boards, linked their paddles, and attempted to cross from one side to the other without falling into the water. While some succeeded, others created hilarious scenes by accidentally pulling each other down.

To capture the memories, the group formed a circle on their boards while drones captured aerial photographs.

After expending their energy on SUP, the students were rewarded with a delicious Thai cuisine meal, bringing an invigorating end to the eventful day.


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