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TCS Social Service Club Rescues Guanyin Mountain from Trash

On December 10th, 2022, the students of TCS Social Service Club embarked on their first social service activity of the year by venturing into Guanyin Mountain to collect trash along the hiking trails.

Determined and armed with cleaning supplies, the entire TCS student body and teachers joined forces. As they hiked up the mountain, they diligently gathered garbage and sorted it into recyclables, plastics, and other waste items.

The TCS Social Service Club consists of four students and their advisor, Mr. Grant Sundal. Regular biweekly meetings are held to discuss upcoming social service events, during which students research and plan suitable activities.

While club president Richard Huang initially proposed the idea of mountain cleaning, all club members played a vital role. Some reached out to the Guanyin Mountain administration, while others managed participant sign-ups, scheduled the day's activities, and organized transportation to and from the mountain.

This activity proved to be a valuable learning experience for both club organizers and non-member participants. Eason Hung, a grade 10 student, reflected, "Cleaning the mountain wasn't easy, so we should refrain from littering." Club secretary Leo Seewald came to the realization that "improving the world benefits not only the earth itself but also the people living in and around it, including myself."

According to the club treasurer, Phillip Seewald, this event aligned with the BC Core Competencies of collaboration and social responsibility. He stated, "As a team, we worked together to preserve the mountain's natural environment."

Principal Grant Sundal acknowledged that the event held more significance than just a social service initiative. "The weather was fantastic, and the view from the top was breathtaking. Despite the hard work, I believe everyone truly enjoyed themselves!"


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