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TCS Outdoor Adventure Club's Thrilling Ice Skating Experience

Last Friday, December 16, 2022, the TCS Outdoor Adventure Club embarked on their inaugural event, a trip to Taipei Arena for an exciting ice skating adventure.

The club members brainstormed ideas, conducted research, and coordinated with the administration to bring their desired events to life.

As their first independently organized event, they chose ice skating, a suggestion from Principal Grant Sundal. "I picked this event because it's fun, convenient, and allows me to share some Canadian culture with the students," explained Principal Sundal.

The club members took charge and made arrangements, including booking the rink at Taipei Arena, planning the route, managing the finances, and arranging lunch.

A delicious steak lunch was enjoyed by all, fueling them for the thrilling experience ahead. Afterward, they headed to Taipei Arena to rent the necessary skating equipment.

Experienced students generously assisted those who were new to skating, ensuring everyone had a chance to try. By the end, all participants had mastered the art of ice skating, with some even gliding effortlessly, gaining a sense of accomplishment.

Though some felt anxious and hesitant before stepping onto the ice for the first time, they quickly improved their skills and gained confidence throughout the event.

"It's my first time ice skating, and it's exhausting. Also, there are a lot of people at the rink, so we have to be careful," shared Grade 10 student Eason Hung.

The students were so enthralled by the experience that they extended their time at the rink, staying even after dismissal to continue the enjoyment.


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