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TCS Halloween Celebration: Creating Spooktacular Memories

On October 31, 2022, TCS students showcased their enthusiasm for Halloween at TCS, embracing the renowned event as a cultural celebration complete with Jack O'Lanterns, Halloween cookies, and zombie makeup.

In the morning, students and teachers donned scary makeup and costumes to mark the occasion. "I think we did a pretty good job with our makeup and costumes even though they were all simple," recalled Grade 10 student Phillip Seewald.

"From vampires to ghosts to werewolves to Frankenstein, the endless variety is truly satisfying," added his brother, Leo.

After a rather "abnormal" morning, the festivities commenced at noon. School principal, Mr. Grant Sundal, announced that they would be creating their own Jack O'Lanterns to immerse themselves in the historical celebration. Students selected their pumpkins (or improvised with melons) and hollowed out the cores before carving their lanterns.

Students carved Jack-O-Lanterns from pumpkins, but also melons! A truly Taiwanese Jack-O-Lantern carving!

"I was anxious because I received a gigantic melon," exclaimed student Neo Chung, "but I think I did a great job."

As the students carved their pumpkins, candles were prepared on a separate table, ready to be ignited.

"It was quite cool to see the candles light up in our pumpkins," shared Grade 10 student Eason Hung, "they escalated the Halloween vibe."

The day ended on a high note with Grade 10 student Jasmine Chan generously sharing homemade Halloween cookies and snacks, which reportedly took her 5 hours to make.

"But it felt like everything was worth it as I saw people's smiles as they devoured the cookies," Jasmine noted, "it brought me a sense of accomplishment."

Jasmine Chan's homemade cookies were a highlight of the event!

"Those were some tasty, skillful, and wonderfully-presented delicacies," Principal Mr. Grant Sundal agreed.


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