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TCS Embraces Christmas Spirit with Joyful Celebrations

TCS and Infinite Education staff celebrated the Christmas season last week during spirit week. The festivities included tree decorations, bobblehead crafting, door decorations, Christmas movie screenings, gingerbread houses, a festive luncheon, Secret Santa gift exchange, and joyful carols. The aim was to cherish the significance of Christmas and fully immerse in the week with enthusiasm.

Students enjoyed watching Christmas movies such as "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "The Christmas Chronicles." They also had the opportunity to create their own bobblehead Christmas figures.

"The bobbleheads were super cute and easy to make, and the instructor also did a good job explaining," mentioned Neo Chung, Grade 10 student.

Working in pairs, students also tried their hand at constructing gingerbread houses.

"I like the door decoration activity the most. I worked with Phillip, and the whole process was entertaining, providing me a sense of accomplishment after I saw my final product: the Cat with the Red Hat," shared Eason Hung, Grade 10 student.

The highlight of the celebrations was the festive luncheon, where TCS students and faculty invited Infinite Education staff to share a meal together.

"Needless to say, the Christmas luncheon really got us all in the Christmas spirit. It also well represented the traditional Christmas style feast we are all familiar with and love," commented Leo Seewald.

TCS students sang Christmas carols, showcasing their individual parts that were assigned beforehand.

"I was in charge of the planning, which initially made me anxious. Although the preparation didn't go as planned, we still sang decently. It was still a little cringe-worthy, though," stated Jasmine Chan, reflecting on her experience.

A Secret Santa gift exchange added excitement to the Christmas celebration.

"It's my first time doing a Secret Santa gift exchange, but I think I learned more about Christmas values and Canadian culture as I fully participated in this event," revealed Neo Chung, Grade 10 student.


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