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【TCS Experiential Learning Friday - #EcologyExperience】

TCS students spent a day immersed in nature during their Experiential Learning Friday (#ELF). Each student selected an ecological activity of interest, gaining valuable knowledge and experiencing the importance of nature conservation firsthand.

🦔 Pangolin Conservation Visit: Guided by experts, students learned about the ecological habits of pangolins and the methods for conserving this #CriticallyEndangered species.

🦅 Raptor Observation: With professional guidance, students used binoculars to observe the flight behaviour of eagles. Through the teachers' explanations, they learned how to protect these majestic birds. The highlight of the day was when students dissected "food pellets" for the first time, gaining insights into raptors' feeding behaviours.

🐾 Animal Shelter Visit: Students interacted closely with stray dogs and cats, learning how to care for shelter animals. They also learned the importance of "adoption over purchase," fostering a deep respect for animal life.


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