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【TCS Experiential Learning- #ArtisticExpeditionTeaching】

During TCS's Experiential Learning Friday (#ELF), led by Professor He Kangguo from National Taiwan Normal University (#NTNU), students embarked on a journey through time at the North America Pavilion to visit the special exhibition "Modern Life: Taiwanese Architecture 1949-1983." They explored key issues, events, and cultural aspects of Taiwan's architectural development.

The highlight of today's special learning program was a backstage visit to the stage play "That Day, the Rainbow Appeared," produced by Professor He. Students also had the opportunity to attend their first press conference, experiencing firsthand the promotional methods of art. This stage play depicted the heartfelt bonds between two generations of Hakka culture, transcending urban and rural boundaries. It also incorporated music by #ChenGuohua and choreography by #ProfessorWuYifang from NTNU, immersing students in a cultural feast.


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